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UAV in Forestry

The part of forests in the Earth’s biodiversity has much to do with the planting, nurturing, cultivation, and science of trees, groves, bushlands, and wood thickets, which are the key species of forest ecosystems. The life and soul of our planet, forest ecosystems, make up for 31% of the world’s biodiversity. Being the only elemental […]

Urban Planning using Drones

As drone surveying lays a path toward well-established urban planning, we can quickly accumulate large amounts of real-time data. With extensive aerial mapping technology have benefited government agencies and private developers while designing and analyzing existing social and environmental concerns. Drones: A New Way Of Tackling India’s Urban Planning And Management Issue- Whether it is […]

UAV in Mining Industry

In the few decades, with the developing and advancing drone tech, the uses and applications of drones have been evolving into a wide range. When drones first emerged on the market, they were strictly used for military purposes. Today, drones are used in many ways including delivery of small items, industrial site inspections, infrastructure monitoring, […]

Aerial Survey

Aerial survey, also known as photogrammetry is a process of image acquisition of a surface from an elevated position. It is a method of collecting geomatics or other imagery by using airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, balloons or other aerial methods. Aerial Photography provides means of capturing important data required for civil engineering projects. Aerial photograph for […]

Aerial Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. The larger the wind turbines are, the more kilowatts they are capable of producing. However, wind turbines are also difficult to inspect and maintain, requiring cranes and specialised maintenance engineers to inspect both the rotor blade and the overall structure. Maintenance and inspections are costly, time-consuming and risky […]

Aerial Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

Aerial Drone Inspection allows data acquisition from hard-to-reach areas quickly, decreases various risks and costs, and reduces the workforce required on-field.In the past few years, drones have emerged as an essential tool in the energy sector too. Drones are being utilised in one of the biggest industry, Solar Power Areas. Continuous growth of the solar […]

Use of drones in the farm sector can generate 50 lakh jobs: Nitin Gadkari

Drone technology has gotten most of the recognition in the industry because of its diversity and considered the future for the agrarian community. The military initially used them. However, other sectors quickly embraced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) when they learned about its widespread applications. How can drones support Indian agriculture? Drones don’t merely enhance overall […]

Drones in Domestic airlines are allowed now!

Drones in Check-in bags and batteries (upto 160Wh) in handbags are allowed! Recently, the government relaxed regulations on drone usage. Now, the government is also looking to work out ways for people to carry drones on planes.  New Delhi: You can now fly with your small to medium size drones to click vacation pictures or […]

RTK vs PPK vs GCP which is the best for Mapping?

Why do Surveyors use GCP or RTK or PPK? A surveyor’s job is to capture accurate data With boots on the ground, this responsibility is almost entirely up to the surveyor and their level of expertise. However, developments in technology, Drone, have made the surveying process faster, safer, and more efficient. While laying ground control […]

10 Reasons you should invest in Drone Training

          As the drone industry continues to grow and develop at a rapid rate, pilots and operators must do the same to improve their standing with it. There’s a lot to learn beyond the basics of your Drone operation skills as you perhaps build towards becoming a chief pilot in a […]

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