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Big Push for Drone industry: Budget 2022


In many business activities, drones can substitute traditional methods of operation. This development comes after the Federal Aviation Administration expanded permissions for commercial, non-hobbyist usage of drones. With less human operation and no safety infrastructure, drones can reduce time and costs.

The drone market will grow steadily in the consumer, commercial, and military sectors. In a 2016 report, Goldman Sachs estimated that drone technologies will reach a total market size of $100 billion between 2016 and 2020. Though 70% of this figure would be linked to military activities, the commercial business represents the fastest growth opportunity, projected to reach $13 billion between 2016 and 2020.

The Indian Government is constantly pushing it’s best to promote the use of drones and to bring it into mainstream use. The government of India has come up with several mandates for drone use in India that will ultimately boost the drone industry in the country. Here is a look at all the new initiatives and guidelines.


Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her Feb. 1 budget speech, encouraged the use of kisan (farmer) drones for crop assessment, digitisation of land records, and spraying of insecticides and nutrients. The budget also cited opportunities for startups to offer drone-as-a-service in sectors beyond agriculture.

With the announcement of Drone Shakti in the Union Budget, the industry got a massive push after the liberalising of the Drone Rule in 2021. The government said start-ups will be promoted to facilitate Drone Shakti, with ‘drone as a service’.

The current Government has taken a serious paradigm shift on drone technology and Drone Shakti announcement of the current FY budget proves the government’s clear vision and focus towards this emerging industry. Drone Shakti & Kisaan Drones will definitely help get this technology to impact common people on the grassroots level at a massive scale.

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Recently,Ā  theĀ  TamilĀ  NaduĀ  Govt. has identified two unutilised airstripsĀ  toĀ  setĀ  upĀ  aĀ  droneĀ  hub.Ā  ItĀ  isĀ  reachingĀ  outĀ  to nationalĀ  andĀ  internationalĀ  companiesĀ  toĀ  setĀ  upĀ  theirĀ  facilitiesĀ  there.Ā  Tamil NaduĀ  plansĀ  toĀ  convertĀ  anĀ  unusedĀ  airstripĀ  inĀ  UlundurpetĀ  or CholavaramĀ  intoĀ  aĀ  potentialĀ  droneĀ  hub.

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To promote the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the government banned the import of drones other than for defence, security and research purposes. The aim is to promote ā€˜Made in Indiaā€™ drones, according to a notification by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). The ban will not apply to the import of drone parts.

But How Can The Ban Help Indian Drone Market?

To boost the nascent drone industry within the country, as mentioned by the civil aviation ministry itself. It makes complete sense, as many of the top drone makers in the world are from China, and products from these firms constitute the majority of drones sold worldwide, including India.Cutting outside supply will help the local manufacturers meet the demand for drones within India. Industry insiders argue that the government’s recent import ban on drones can not only give a fresh impetus to drone manufacturing locally but can also make drones available widely.

NEW DRONE RULES: Flying made Easy

After the government banned the import of drones in India, the civil aviation ministry has made another major change to the new drone laws in the country. It has, in fact, made it easier for people to fly small drones legally for non-commercial purposes. The government has now announced the Drone (Amendment) Rules, 2022 which says that remote pilot certificate (earlier it was called licence) will not be required for flying small to medium size drones of up to 2kg for non-commercial purposes.

Also, those who are flying drones that are beyond 2kg in weight or for commercial purposes no longer need to get a ā€˜Remote Pilot Licenceā€™ to legally fly. Instead, they simply require a Remote Pilot Certificate. This certificate can be issued by an authorised remote pilot training organisation to any individual, as per the new law. This is a major step to make things easier for drone enthusiasts in the country. Also, it is expected to give a boost in drone deliveries in the country.

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